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The Bristol Wearable Computing Project is concerned with exploring the potential of computer devices that are as unconsciously portable and as personal as clothes or jewellery. The project was set up in Bristol, England at the start of 1997 as a collaboration between the Computer Science Department of the University of Bristol and the Hewlett-Packard Research Laboratories, Europe. Together we have developed programs and hardware which use context sensing to enable media and information to be delivered to the wearer of our jackets and devices appropriate to their current position and activity. We are also working with the Appliance Studio Ltd who have a particular interest in e-wear, and ...here nor there... a group of international artists who specialise in collaborative projects.

As part of the Equator IRC, we are developing a range of wearables and devices to assist with research into the integration of digital services and the physical world. This research is being undertaken in collaboration with a group of the UK's leading academic researchers. In particular we are participating in the CITY Project, and The Hunting of the Snark and it's successor, the Ambient Wood.

Our latest CyberJacket, designed in collaboration with Annie Lovejoy, was shown at ISWC 2002 demonstrating soundscapes constructed using the user's position and orientation - see "A Walk in the Wireless Woods". We also presented Heart on my Sleeve at the Gadget Show. Most recently we showed our Cyberjacket, BlazerJet, eSleeve and Your Heart On My Sleeve at the SIGGRAPH04 CyberFashion Show.

More information on our work can be found in our papers and pressroom. If you are interested in the eSleeve or PubCrawl please follow these links report | image | cartoon


new_jkt.jpg (18209 bytes)

The new Bristol CyberJacket.

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