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Our Shopping application is designed to assist the user by generating a prompt whenever he is in the proximity of a shop which has an item of interest in stock. The wearable computer senses the presence of a shop by detecting a pinger (a small transmitter inside the shop), and identifies the branch using GPS.

Using a GSM mobile phone connection, a shopping list and the user's profile are sent from the cyberjacket to the shop's web-server. The user is notified if there is a match between the list and the shop's stock, or if the shop has any lines of special interest to the user. This information can be either played to the user through an earpiece, or displayed on a hand-held device.

For example, passing Blackwells Bookshop with "War and Peace" on my shopping list, results in the table on the right being displayed on my palmtop, and an audio prompt from both the palmtop and in my earpiece.


Book Price
Theories of War and Peace, Brown 21.95
War and Peace, Tolstoy 7.99
The Ethics of War and Peace, Nardin 11.95

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