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Demonstration for ISWC 2002

The demonstration shows how localised spatial sound generated by a wearable computer can be used to provide a highly immersive experience.

An exhibition of photographs by artist Liz Milner featuring striking images of nearby woodland is augmented with a location sensitive digital soundscape created in collaboration with local musician, Armin Elsaesser. The original installation was in an atrium at the Hewlett-Packard Laboratories in Bristol U.K. For our ISWC 2002 demonstration we implemented a scaled down version of this installation with the soundscape enhanced by the use of the new CyberJacket wearable computer developed by the Wearable Computing Group at the University of Bristol U.K. The CyberJacket has been designed to facilitate a high level of context awareness - in particular where the user is and what the user is doing. An ultrasound positioning system, also developed by the Bristol wearables group, is used to identify which photograph the user is taking an interest in. An associated soundtrack is played in headphones using spatialised sound orientated by using a head mounted compass. This soundtrack appears to emanate from the photograph. A formal evaluation of the prototype installation reinforced our belief that it is possible to create a convincing and compelling experience with the kind of technology that we can expect to become ubiquitous over the next ten years.

Visitors to the demonstration were invited to wear a Bristol CyberJacket and headphones to experience the "Walk in the Wireless Woods". In addition to appreciating the experience, this demonstration was of particular interest to conference attendees as it demonstrated some of the capabilities of the new Bristol CyberJacket in conjunction with an elementary indoor positioning system.

Many thanks for making this possible to :-

Liz Milner           Armin Elsaesser
Jo Reid Richard Hull

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