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Notes On E-Wear Technical Meeting 15th Feb ’00 in PACT MVB

Present: Ray Crispin, Simon Lewis, Henk Muller, Cliff Randell, Bill Sharpe.


The objective was to begin to develop a shared vision and a shared technical agenda around e-wear.


Major trends are:

Premises offered by Ray for the mass market for the next 3/4 years were;

Cliff identified three areas of Bristol U work:

Henk identified the "Plug and Wear" interface, whereby new devices get added to a system painlessly. Henk would like to have a hardware platform which students can use easily to prototype applications.


The discussion focused on a "Plug and Wear" interface for multiple wearable devices, the big question being "What will be the architecture for wearable systems?" This has to address issues such as:

The comparison with the Web appeared to be fruitful. A couple of critical problems were solved (by http and HTML) - what are the equivalent (well-stated) problems for the wearable architecture? And what are the equivalent solutions? Who will solve this problem? We felt it was not going to be solved by an extension of existing product-focused efforts (e.g. extensions of the phone or PDA). Most likely this will emerge from research groups. One at Nokia is working on a something along these lines. (Cliff to dig out the paper.)


Tackling 'The Big Issue' requires more full-time brain-power than is available right now. It is crucial to establish more, and longer term, funding and staffing for the Bristol U team. It is hoped that the Equator project outcome will be known by mid-March, and that work can start early summer, subject to identifying some RAs. Meanwhile Cliff's work is continuing, identifying new types of sensor, and incorporating them into the demo system.

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