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Project Meeting July 8th 1997

2pm at David's office.

Present: david, jim, paul, phil, henk, alex, james and tom.


1. Meet the students!

James Dobson (CS)

Alex Kanaouris (CS)

Tom Foy (EE)

Progress reported at the meeeting: James, Alex and Tom have got Linux running on the EPSON machines using only 10M flash. Have also got sound card running. Now need GPS and GSM!

Agreed to proceed using Linux for the summer, leaving the possibility of converting later versions into Java. Need to sort out phone lines at Bristol Uni.

2. Display choices for the CyberJacket

We discussed display requirements for the CyberJacket.

3. Ownership of intellectual property

We discussed ownership of any intellectual property resulting from this initiative. David asked for attention to devising an (HP) External Research Proposal for funding the programme longer term.


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