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Project Meeting September 2nd, 1997

10 am in David's office

Present: David, Henk, Jim, Phil, Alex, Stewart


Stewart has finished the master demon and also the GPS demon. Has plotted power supply output voltage against time for two batteries in parallel. The results show a 90 minute battery life. This could rise to two hours if the batteries are fully charged. This is in contrast to results using a previous hard drive where only forty five minutes was obtained. Phil still wants to see current drain over time for the individual batteries.

Phil has got two nokia phones and two PCMCIA cards and an Orange Talk60 plan. HP will fund up to 300 of phone bill from now until end Of October. This corresponds to about 50 hours of air time. Alex has been installing the necessary PCMICA driver into Linux and reviewing the AT commands needed to control the handset. Short messages up to 160 alnum chararcters can be sent for 5p each - it seems more sensible to use a conventional connection to transfer data. Over the next two weeks Alex will develop some demons to support data communication over the phones and will finish installing the necessary drivers.

The touch pad is now working after some early problems. An interrupt driven approach to detecting pen events was discussed - this seems like a possibility for the future. Alex has also investigated rotating images on the display.

The team discussed possible student project proposals:

Action Summary

NB: Next meeting won't be on Tuesday, but on Wenesday at 2pm!

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