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Project Meeting October 21st, 1997

10 am in David's office

Present: David, Paul, Henk, Jim, PhilN


The Summer Students have come to the end of their Summer work period. Paul to gather documentation they prepared in the last few days and report back to the team. The students did not have time to install hardware diagnostics or perform robustness tests, so this activity will be down to the RA when recruited. Other finishing up work is to attach the "Where is the CyberJacket?" web page to this web. To do this we need to convert the PC in the Lab to the nokia phones using a ISA/PCI to PCMCIA converter card and install the web page on the PC. Henk will chase this up and bribe Alex to do whatever final software work is needed on the web page.

Phil and Jim reported back on their time at the 'International Symposium on Wearable Computers '97' held at MIT. Click here to see the trip report.

Fourth year student projects. Alex and James are revising project proposals. Alex, under the supervision of Peter Flach (Machine Learning) is to look at some of the sensor interpretation heuristic issues, whereas James is to focus on the design and construction of the Situated Computing Server. Jim would like to be involved as an external supervisor for this work and through Henk will meet with Peter, Alex and James to get up to speed on early plans. The team has also been approached by as CSE student Adam St.. who would like to find a (digital) electronics project in the wearable area. Henk to get PhilN in touch with Adam and his supervisor, Dave Milford in order to help decide what might be an appropriate area of work. Inital thoughts were to do near-field radio docking, but given adam's digital background Phil erred towards a gesture recognition project.

A few other topics: Jim intends to spend some time developing a clearer strategy for the initiative and will pass this round the team at the next meeting. This lead to a discussion of possible additional partners. Is Philips a possibility? Jim will clear this at HP end, while at the same time David will contact Peter Saraga (head of Philips Labs UK) to put out feelers. Thinking about re-engineering, Phil brought out a flyer from Via Computers describing a new flexible, belt-worn modular computer system. Paul will look into pricing. We also discussed bringing in a member of the EE department at Bristol into the BWCI team. David will look out for a good candidate. Jim is going with HP's Peter Rodgers to the Light Emitting Polymer people at Cambridge on Thursday. David also has a displays contact in the Physics department - David to remember the man's name!

RA recruitment. An advert. has been placed into the internet. Henk to let Jim and Phil where the advert was placed and to let us see what went out eventually. Jim and Phil to consider preparing a flyer and sending that out to Universtities. David and Henk to keep everyone posted on the level of response from the internet.

Action Summary

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