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Project Meeting December 9th, 1997

10 am in David's office

Present: Paul, Henk, Phil, Jim


Errr.. not the best! Two pieces of bad news. First, Paul is moving South and is leaving Bristol University. He will be replaced by Nathan Sitwell (previously on SGS Thomson's 'Chameleon' project) . Second, our front-runner RA candidate Ian Grimstead has accepted a job offer and so is no longer in the running. Nonetheless we are soldiering on! An RA advert has been placed in last Friday's Times Higher (later than we were hoping due to administrative error). We can no longer reasonably hope to conduct interviews before 1998. Henk will filter any early responses and keep an eye out for hot-shots.

Jim has initiated the order for the new PC. This cannot be executed until the ERP contract is signed (should be soon), also delayed until after HPLB moves to building III for administrative reasons. So ETA is probably mid-late Jan 98.

Phil suggested that we should set up a wearable newsgroupon the usenet. Paul thought this would be a good task for the RA.

Action Summary

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