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Project Meeting January 30th, 1998

3pm -5pm in David's office (by default)

Present: DavidM, HenkM, Nathan, Dave Clifton, Phil Neaves, JimBR, Phil Stenton?


This will be a special meeting to consider our future strategy!


Best and worst

Who Best Worst
JBR Building a CyberJacket from cold start! That we havent done even more
SPS That we got ERP funding That I havent seen the CyberJacket
DM That even a simple platform has lots of potential That we didnt do much last term
HM The cyberjacket Reliability problems with jacket
PIN The cyberjacket That we havent done more

Followiing Jim's presentation of the strategy document and the ensuing team discussion we asked:

What other issues are important?

Personal visions

What are the important questions?

In addition to the questions in the External Research Proposal, we generated the following possible research questions:

At this point we ran out of time and decided to continue the meeting next Thurday 5th February at 10.30am.

For the next meeting please can everyone continue this excercise by generating a list of (say, 10) possible questions that we would like to be able to answer in the future. We will devise our research agenda by selecting our favourite questions from the set. The personal visions should yield some good questions - after all it is the underlying problems that make the visions enticing. So while searching for questions, please use your visions as a source of inspiration.

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