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Strategy Meeting February 5th, 1998

10 am in David's office

Present: DavidM, Henk, Nathan, DavidC, Jim

This meeting followed on from the previous meeting where we brainstormed a list of possible research questions. There were no further contributions to the question list, the consensus being that we had covered most of the ground.

As a way of driving the process forward, Jim proposed a set of milestones that would allow us to tackle most questions. After discussion, the group added some specification and platform-development milestones and we arrived at the following milestone plan:

OK, and that's the end of our current round of strategizing. We had lengthy discussions about whether we had the resources to meet these resources. It looks tight, but worth trying. We also need to think about bringing other partners on board. Philips? Is there any chance of getting more resource support from HPLB or more technical time from permanent staff at Bristol University?

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