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Project Meeting May 19th, 1998

10 am in David's office

Present: Henk, Phil, Mariann, Jim


Jim presented the LocoMedia Summer Project idea: audio notes that are 'located' at the spot where the user made the note, and could then be accessed by other users visiting that spot. We went on to discuss the major tasks involved. Mariann was present to help us with speech recognition in the project.

We have three Summer Students on board and are still considering taking on a fourth EE student.

Phil had a couple of good ideas. Firstly that we could do the wireless earpiece entirely without need for any receiver side power. Secondly that we could certainly deal with pinger transmitter problems by using mains power or even by using pingers hanging off lamps and using solar panels! His brain was steaming gently at this point.

Mariann dropped by Erik Lewis to make contact. Erik built the synthesised speech output for the first BlazerJet. This consumed only 1.5MB RAM for fixed vocab output.

Henk mailed Tony Coping about Summer Students with analogue skills but is still waiting for a reply.

Phil has written an one-pager on the earpiece project.

Action Summary

And carried over from last time:

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