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Project Meeting June 10th 1998

2.30 pm in Merchant Venturer Building

Present: Henk, Jim


David Clifton has turned down the wearable RA post. David May is in the process of contacting Bob Rosenberg at UCL to gauge his interest. David May has also brought on board a fifth Summer Student.

PhilN, Jim and Henk attended the Glasgow University Conference on 'HCI for mobile devices'. Click here to see the trip report.

Jim also attended a one-day symposium on 'Living Life to the Full with Personal Technologies'. Frankly, the less said the better, but our own David May gave a sterling description of wearable issues and Andy Hopper from Cambridge Unversity/Olivetti displayed an admirable enthusiasm for sensor technologies. I also got another chance to talk to Leo Poll from Philips who offered to act as liason for a visit to Philips.

Jim has done further work on the LocoMedia Design Document. And has come up with an initial proposal for the speech interface. Marianne is away until June 17th but thereafter will evaluate the interface with Jim. Meantime Marianne has completed an initial document outlining speech possibilities for LocoMedia. (Marianne - any chance of putting this on the web?)

Jim has had an initial meeting with John Waters in the Appliance Communication Solutions Department at HPLB in order to understand the issues involved in using FootBridge to link up with a PalmPC device acting as a display (web browser). The thrust of this meeting was that we should consider using an IrDA Medium Access Control and hook up the output of the FootBridge transceiver into the LED of the infra-red device. A subsequent meeting (11.6.98) confirmed this and pushed further on software issues. Eg how to link the IrDA MAC through to a Web Browser. We accept that the system may degrade ungracefully as the user moves away from the display or in cases where there is more than one device within communication range.

Phil has decided to take on the supervision of one of the Summer Students in order to meet our needs for EE skills. Phil will take responsibility for design skills as needed. The HPLB Hardware Design Team may be able to help with fabrication issues.

During this meeting Jim quickly went over the state of the LocoMedia design document with Henk. Henk was concerned that we should have some fall-back position in case FootBridge was not ready on time. He suggested using a serial cable link. In fact an IrDA link may be better given the use of an IrDA MAC and our intention to link our CyberJackets to HPLB's infostations (walk up consoles) using IrDA. TBD.

Aside from this Henk was also keen to see a unified demo-scenario linking together the scenarios outlined in the current LocoMedia document. He also informed me that he does not like brass bands as a consequence the LocoMedia has been completely rewritten especially this section.

Action Summary

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