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Project Meeting July 2nd, 1998

10 am in Merchant Venturer Room 3.35

Present: Henk, Nathan, Phil Neaves, Marianne Hickey, Jim Bedford-Roberts, Alistair, Michael, Ed, Tom.


Progress to date was not discussed in this meeting since our main priority was to meet the new students. Nonetheless over the past three weeks the main progress has been on design discussions for LocoMedia. The original LocoMedia description is here - its still pretty accurate. Jim and Henk have spent loads of time resolving contentious design issues and drawing up plans. In addition at HP there have been lots of support from Marianne Hickey (speech), Phil neaves (Footbridge and Pingers), Dave Reynolds (dynamic connectivity planning), Stuart Williams (IrDA), John Waters (MAC), Andy Norman (Palm Pilot viewer).

Bob Rosenberg from UCL visited both HP Labs and the Bristol Computer Science Department. He presented his PhD work on input devices for wearable computers (a biofeedback pointer and a chording glove).

Jim and Henk have ordered PCs and supporting equipment for the five students. Jim has found some cheap ATA Flash cards (80MB for 550). Jim has also been hunting for free IrDA software stacks suitable for the Linux platform.

Henk has enquired about differential GPS systems, PC card readers and flash cards.

Phil and Jim's paper 'Dynamic Connection of Wearable Computers to Companion Devices Using Near-Field Radio' has been accepted for ISWC 98.

Meeting Summary

The new students: Alistair and Michael (completed the first year), James (not present, but completed second year), Ed and Tom (completed third year).

Described the BWCI and HPLabs Bristol to the students.

Covered the four big objectives for the LocoMedia work this Summer:

  1. To demonstrate the principles of an unconsciously wearable computer.
  2. To show how an environmentally aware wearable computer can interact in radical new ways with its users.
  3. To show how a dynamically connected wearable computer can allow users to work effortlessly with whatever peripherals are to hand.
  4. To show how a personalized wearable computer can be both an open component in a public system and at the same time a personal device.

Briefly described the LocoMedia system in terms of its different components: Notes, Domains, Footbridge, InfoPost, Handshaking, Speech, Pingers, GPS, Situated Computing Server, Integrated Networks.

Described the seven projects:

  Project Student Lead Supervisor Lead HP Consultants
1 Pingers, Solar power and SI Tom Henk Phil (pingers)
2 Speech & Audio Alistair Jim Marianne (speech & audio)
3 Footbridge Devices James Jim Phil (Footbridge)
4 Notes & Domains Ed Henk  
5 True GPS Michael Henk  
6 Situated Computing Server   Jim  
7 Integrated Networks   Henk  

Action Summary

These items are carried over from the previous meeting:-

Top tasks for LocoMedia also describes a few known outstanding things.

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