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Project Meeting July 16th, 1998

10 am in Merchant Venturers room 3.35

Present: Henk, Jim, Alistair, Ed, James, Tom


One week into the Summer project progress is as follows:

Henk. Updated the Linux on "Tempest" machine. Developed distribution system to move code from the Solaris based student PCs to the Linux target environment machines (CyberJackets and Tempest). Set up ethernet card for CyberJacket to allow code transfer over the network.

Tom. Working towards building mains powered pinger transmitters. Tom, Jim and Phil met last week to go over the Pinger design. Currently Tom is getting experience of microcontrollers and in circuit emulators.

Ed. Ed is working on the note and domain servers. Specifically he is working out how to support domain name aliases.

Alistair. Developing basic play and record audio functionality from ported QNX code and other sources. Alistair and Marianne visited Eric Lewis to talk about the text to speech (TTS) system to adopt (currently favouring the Festival system from Edinburgh. Eric's TTS needs a larger vocabulary before we might use it.). Alistair also has Akos' HP speech recogniser engine.

James. James has been wrestling with WinCE. Specifically, understanding how WinCE applications can communicate over TCP/IP with other devices. Currently we are working with an HP320LX handheld as a substitute PalmPC device. Communication with Linux boxes has been hard due to an undocumented initial handshaking protocol (thanks MS!). Initial problems with a 'snooper' device prevented us from cracking the protocol in the absence of documentation. The proprietary handshake only appears to affect communications over TCP/IP. We are considering building our own protocol stack over the raw serial interface if our confidence in the openness of the WinCE platform doesnot improve soon.

Mike. Mike has got the GPS system working again and is intermittently receiving GPS time, altitude, longitude and lattitude data. He is now working on an application that allows us to input map data that can be associated with domains (place names) and on allowing dynamic configuration of sensor devices on our platform.

Jim. Student support. Talked through individual projects and LocoMedia ideas with Students. Acquired WinCE development environment based on Visual Studio. Supplied QNX audio code for Alistair and various documentation and source for James.


For this time next week:

James. Either cracked proprietary handshake and well on the way to working with other elements of the WinCE built in communications stack or well on the way to building our own proprietary stack over WinCE serial device.

Tom. Digital to analogue application successfully running on the in circuit emulator (ICE). Will have looked at second CyberJacket with a view to refurbishment!

Alistair. Basic integration of audio playing and recording with the HP speech engine.

Ed. Written Domain server for jacket and for server devices. Sent out Email on design issues and ideas.

Jim. Continued to be available to students for support. Made plans with Phil about Footbridge hardware. Work on final version of short paper for ISWC '98 on Footbridge devices. Look into acquiring more PC104 bits and pieces from original supplier.

Henk. Surfaced from overwork from other committments!

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