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Project Meeting July 21st 1998

At: MVB 3.35

Present: Henk, Jim, Alistair, Ed, James, Mike, Tom

Progress and plans

Henk. 80MB Flash just arrived! Working on finalising the new web server at

Tom. Wrestling with problems with the in circuit emulator. Update: As of 2pm today cracked these problems and now able to succesfully monitor pins on the "emulator head" being waggled in reponse to the execution of emulator programs. Planning to try out one of the A to D programs and then move on to write code to read DIP switch values from port B and output them in serial form from port A.

Tom also tracked down the second sound card. We had a discussion about hardware requirements generally. Alistair is to check that Akos' engine can cope with the 16MB RAM limit. Anyone requiring more RAM than this had better flag it ASAP!

James. Developing our own software communication protocol stack for sending data over a footbridge link. Over the next few days planning to build a Footbridge physical layer software emulator that will randomly discard bits. Use this to test our protocol stack. Hopefully our protocol should be able to survive this! After this James plans to develop a simple browser app for the handheld display. This will require James to learn about developing apps on Visual Studio. This is not entirely trivial! Henk suggested basing it around a small web proxy server. The Philip's Nino (handheld display) arrived. James to have a play with this.

Ed. The basic domain server is working. Ed is still working on implementing support for alises. This may take another few days. He is also thinking about the policy manager responsible for controlling note repitition and freshness issues amongst other things.

Alistair. Has got basic recording and playing working. Had some intial problems with the first microphone, is now using a noise cancelling mike, with better results. Has also got the HP speech engine going. Training works best with Mike's voice. Need to investigate this - is it to do with recording levels? After this, planning how to divide up the grammar into useful groupings. Will meet up with Marianne to discuss optimisation of the engine and further work. Will start to work on the grammar.

Mike. Has finished basic work on the GPS context driver. Has also worked on making multiple map files associated with different location domains and on encoding data from local (paper) maps. Looked into electronic map data available on line, but had no great joy! Currently working on the SitComServer module. Mike is keen to extend this to support the dynamic registration of all kinds of devices, not just context drivers. In this senses the SitCompServer becomes simply the "device manager". Mike has started work on publishing the interface for the Device Manager and for Context Drivers that connect to it. He has also built a hardware dependent device manager that scans available hardware devices, allowing complete dynamic configuration of transceivers, sensors and peripherals.

Jim. Continued to be available for students. Bought two Nino PalmPCs and passed noise cancelling mike to students. Spoke to PhilN about FootBridge devices. A bench proto should be available to validate our software stack by Thurs 6th August at latest! Phil wants to delay final write up of Footbridge device paper until start of August (due in 7th August). Traced record of sound card for PC104. Talked through web server issues with the HP support staff. Talked with Dave May about RA situation. Dave is in favour of readvertising, possibly for a higher grade RA. Bob Rosenberg is still in contact with Dave. Over the next week:

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