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Project Meeting July 28th, 1998

9:30am in MVB 3.35

Present: Henk, Marianne, David, Alistair, Ed, James, Mike, Tom, Jim


Henk. Discovered further problem with one of the PC104 boards - only 50MB of the 80MB is readable. Put standard 60MB linux onto the 80MB flash card. Will free up another 20MB of space soon. Discovered DNS extension whereby machines can announce their physical location when contacted.

Alistair. Putting together command grammar.Speech recognition quality is variable. TTS is to be a lower priority activity, since the more interesting Festival TTS is too big for us (10MB RAM) and the local Spruce has a small and hard to change vocabulary. Eventually we might play with a cheap and cheerful off the shelf TTS, though to some extent the unnaturalistic synthetic voice from a TTS is poor publicity for LocoMedia.

Tom. ICE PIC daughterboard blew up! A new one was ordered and arrived today. Meantime has designed PIC program to do the Pinger PIC task as currently understood. Has started documentation.

Mike. Device manager is pretty much done. Three header files for registering etc with the device manager. GPS and TGPS context drivers both work through the device manager.

Ed. Domain name aliasing seems to be working. Started documenting domain server on the web.

Jim. Proposed new documentation structure for the LocoMedia system with 9 chapters and 3 reader types. Team discussion led to a few further improvements. Updated bought and delivered section of web.

James. Completed comms stack and also physical layer emulator. Fixed a bug in the timeout code.

By next week...

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