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Project Meeting: 4th August 1998

At: 9:30am,  MVB 3.35

Present: Jim, Alistair, Mike, Ed, James, PhilN


Alistair. Developing speech test harness. Still experiencing problem with mosquito noise from noise cancelling mic. Developed facility to pick out 'stop' from a free speech extract! Added header files to allow interaction between the various speech components. Downloaded GSM system - works well.

Mike. Working on TGPS - better integration with the Device Manager. Developed basic map making facility - need to test outside.

Ed. Documented library functions. Started design of note server. Working on domain server documentation.

Tom. Arranged to receive updated ICEPIC SW to go with the new daughterboard to fix fault detected last week. Developed Pinger PIC app currently being debugged. Installed power monitor LEDs. Started sketching out user guide structure.

James. Held up on communcation stack testing with a problem driving serial ports on Solaris system. In the meantime getting on with learning about Visual Studio. Thinking about the design of the FootBridge Manager.

Jim. Added space budget page with mh. Arranged upgrade of web server - the new web server is now up and running and performing much much quicker! Revised LocoMedia document structure. Added policy and policy manager document - this still needs a little more work.

Phil. Completed circuit design for Pinger.

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