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Project Meeting: 18th August 1998

At: 9:30am, MVB 3.19

Present: Jim, Mike, Ed, Tom, Alistair, James


Mike. Written temporal context driver. GPS receiver now accepts hints correctly, though TTFF is still about 20 minutes. Thought about design of FootBridge Manager. Essentially Mike views the FootBridge Manager as an extension to the the device manager to make the distribution of device manager functionality transparent.

Ed. Has completed the design of a flexible note server. Has also thought through the way that various managers will work with the note server.

Tom. The final output stage of the Pinger transmitter is proving problematic. DC switching of the transistor works ok, but the high frequency isnt getting through to the output. 

Alisatir. Has found full duplex PC104 sound cards. There are no sound cards offering better protection against interference.Talked with Akos about speech engine design. Expecting a new version of the engine. Thinking about separate user files to contain jacket settings associated with each user. Wrote a small speaker id module and considering a 'personality module'  to personalize the speech coming from the jacket.

James. Ported communicaton code to CE environment. Have found equivalent functions in WinCE and Solaris environments. Still deciding whether communication and rendering should be done in separate threads on the WinCE device.

Phil (on hols). The Footbridge transceiver is under development with Mathias at HP. Mathias is leaving today. Phil is needed to complete the building and testing of the boards. Phil also needs to sort out the Pinger Receiver at some point.

Jim. Discussed RA recruitment with David. Initiated discussions concerning how to support superlative matching. Sorted out web templates and back up server.

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