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Project Meeting: 25th August 1998

At: 9:30am, MVB 3.35

Present: Jim, Phil, Tom, Ed, James, Mike, Alistair


Tom. Completed Pinger transmitter on breadboard. A 10v pk-pk signal using frequency shift modulation is coming out fine! PCB will be ready today. This is Tom's final week.

Ed. Documented the role of the various managers with the note server. Currently putting together the note server.

Phil. Will be working on FootBridge, hoping to complete it by early next week. The FootBridge transceiver and the Pinger receiver may need to be combined into a single unit in order to avoid interference between Pinger transmitters and the FootBridge receiver. At some point Phil is also planning to re-lay out the Pinger circuit at HP for greater minituraisation, unless Tom gets time to solve this at the Uni (unlikely).

James: Networking between the handheld and the Solaris box is working over a serial cable. The serial cable can be plugged and unlpugged without upsetting the communcation stack. Started on displaying postscript (subset) pages . The WinCE display functions and dramatically cut down from the full Win95 versions. Overcame a problem with SetTimer(). Will return to FootBridge issues when the hardware is ready.

Mike. Polished device manager application. Added new facilities for render manager. Completed FootBridge manager. Installed new PC card drive into Eagle and helped set up phone base station.

Alistair. Completed render manager for mime encoded notes and ammended audio device. Now can render audio and text to speech. With footBridge could also display text and images.Wrote note creator.

By Next Week:

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