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Project Meeting: 9th September 1998

At: 9:30am, MVB 3.35

Present: Jim, Ed, Mike, James, Alistair


Ed. NoteServer search functions now work. Load and save functions added. Still to support matching all sensed contexts. Essentially the note server is now complete and we are into testing and debugging. We just need to get the ntoe server hooked in with the device manager and then the creation manager.


James. Full duplex comm stack is working on Nino and Linux. Rewrote the Mime reader and PS component on the Nino. Currently looking into inter-process communication on the Nino - the comms and rendering parts are in separate threads.

Alistair. This is Alistair's final week. Last week added hooks between speech components and other parts of teh system. Rewrote the render manager to handle interactive notes, queries and to implement the agreed internal policy for when to interrupt notes and when to queue them. We discussed getting full duplex sound cards. In particular will Alistair have time to alter the software to benefit? We agreed that ordering them was a good idea anyway, but that we'd have to give first priority for Alistair working on system demo components (creation manager).

Phil. Has got the FootBridge transmitter working, but is still struggling with noise in the receiver. A new PCB due to today should allow him to make faster progress against the problem. The route for making Pinger transmitters depends on how FootBridge goes.

Jim. Made an overall plan for completing system in the remaining time, based around five demos (0. basic speech, 1. note recording, 2. note triggering, 3. note transferring, 4. main demo using Nino and map app). Located some full duplex card producers. Agreed short placement extensions with the team. (Alistair: none, Ed and James: extra week, Mike extra week and a bit, plus one day a week in first term).

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