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Project Meeting: 26th April 1999

At: 2.30pm Callisto HPLabs

Present: Phil Stenton, Phil Neaves, Eric Geelhoed, Roger Tucker,Henk Muller, Cliff Randell,

Apologies: Marianne Hickey, Mike McTernan


  • Software development of simplex footbridge continues - though temporarily held up by exams. Header, timing, randomiser and packet size being experimented with to achieve consistent results. MM/JNS/CR.
  • Duplex PCB designed with delivery expected by June to enable summer students to develop/use. Larger than expected, but suitable for development use. PiN


  • CardPresso Parallel port successfully used for data input.
  • Radiometrix development kit for class exempt R.F. modules arrived - not yet tested.
  • Low data rates to be expected (spec. 10kbps)

Speech Engine:

  • PTT (press to talk) switch and throat mic experimented with for external use. Wearables user group report poor results with Jabra.
  • Throat mic now giving consistent results - indoors and out. CR to write report on techniques used to achieve satisfactory results. Further development to be progressed in due course.
  • Unable to configure existing sound card for duplex operation.


  • Transfered to University server. Link to enable Frontpage use to be established - HM.


  • TTFF now less than a minute with revised settings advised at GPS Seminar.
  • 300kHz radio beacon dGPS development kit ordered.

'Jacket MkII (BlazerJet)

  • Still searching for card mounted StrongARM.
  • In the meantime, the second CardPresso is being commissioned with sound card, voltage convertors, mic  amp and parallel interface. Lightweight construction to allow for comfortable summer use.
  • LiIon batteries to be acquired in due course
  • We should consider changing 'phones for more modern lighter models


  • Forthcoming conferences provide the opportunity to publicise our work - Symposium of Handheld & Ubiquitous Computing (at Karlsruhe) , ISWC.  and Augmented Reality conference also of interest following ISWC at same location. Poster paper to be prepared based on shopping ideas as a demonstration application for connectivity. CR and EG to meet to progress.
  • Demo to be offered to Digital City Bristol via EG.
  • Seminar this Friday p.m. at HPLabs - EG & CR to attend.

Applications/Student Summer Work

  • Three students to be sought to work over the summer break primarily on developing web site for notional retail outlet; corresponding 'Shopping Jacket' programs; and further development of Locomedia.(potential link up with Tesco's or Galleries??)
  • Two MSc projects being proposed. A camera capable of integrating location, direction, roll and tilt data into images which could be used in an interactive database (EG to see if HP can provide suitable camera)(see Project Proposal); and an Affective Computing application.

Next Meeting

  • June

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