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Progress Meeting: 22nd June 1999

At: 10.30am 3.30 MVB

Present: Henk Muller, Mike McTernan, Michael Measures, Matthew Baldwin, Paul Wood, Cliff Randell

This is the first of a regular series of meetings to plan the software development which will be progressed through the summer to deliver the 'Shopping Jacket', update LocoMedia, and implement the combination of positional data with visual media project.

LocoMedia can be adapted to meet the Shopping Jacket requirement by integrating the GSM 'phone and enabling notes from a shop server to be rendered. However the current LocoMedia software requires improvements to the NoteServer and the TriggerManager (to replace polling with event management).

We agreed to develop LocoMedia II. The plan is to first rapidly prototype the shopping application. Having proved the communications using a simple EventManager, LocoMedia II can then be refined to include multiple pingers, GPS and audio note recognition.


Paul is continuing to develop the specification for the camera application - software integration to follow. (Cliff & Paul progressing compass and RadioBeacon dGPS too).

A 'Code Conventions' page has been established (thanks Mike) to aid uniformity of programming styles.

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