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Progress Meeting: 29nd June 1999

At: 10.30am 3.35 MVB

Present: Henk Muller, Mike McTernan, Michael Measures, Matthew Baldwin, Paul Wood, Cliff Randell


Design Strategy

Shopping Jacket - make it wider! - retain EventMan and extend to include GPS, University of Bristol web-site (e.g. video 'mock-shop') and more pingers.

Tourist Jacket - use same approach as shopping jacket. By hacking a simple EventMan which responds to changes in the GPS signal, we can provide a tourist guide to Bristol based on the Heritage Walk. again, this will use the Nino and will have audio notes but not use the GSM 'phones.

The Positional Camera can also use an EventMan structure, though the full application has yet to be determined.


Next Meeting : 10.30 a.m. 6th July Rm 3.35 MVB

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