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Project Meeting: 1st July 1999

At: HPLabs

Present: Mark Everingham, Erik Geelhoed, David May, Henk Muller, Phil Neaves, Cliff Randell, Nathan Sidwell, Bill Sharpe, Phil Stenton, Barry Thomas.

H-P Eyeglasses

- HP Confidential  -

Erik agreed to take part in an Eyeglasses/Wearables presentation in the Autumn.


Three vacation students have been recruited to help develop software this summer.

  • Mike McTernan (2nd year) returns to continue work on Locomedia.
  • Michael Measures (2nd year) working on Shopping Jacket application.
  • Matthew Baldwin (1st year) developing proxy server/web sites to interact with Shopping Jacket.

Paul Wood (an MSc student) is also working on combining data with camera images.

Papers : Two poster papers have been submitted to ISWC99 - "Computer Aided Shopping - An Exploration of Dynamic Connectivity" and "Combining Positional Information with Visual Media".

Phil S. is giving a presentation at the Symposium of Handheld & Ubiquitous Computing at Karlsruhe. Phil, Erik & Cliff to meet up to discuss the possibility of preparing a short paper.


Three applications currently under development - the Tourist Jacket; the Shopping Jacket; and the positional camera.

The continuously polling architecture of LocoMedia is being shelved for the moment while we explore an event driven model. We are investigating using devices (e.g. pingers, GPS) to intelligently generate events which the wearable computer responds to with an event list.

The Footbridge protocol has been successfully implemented and demonstrated using simplex Footbridge and Nino. Phil N. expected to deliver duplex version before 14th July.


Hardware Infrastructure

  • The second CardPresso has been commissioned - we are awaiting delivery of another 80MB flash card (due next Wednesday).
  • The Shopping Jacket/'BlazerJet' has been assembled. Much lighter than Cyberjacket.
  • 'CyberBag' option also constructed for ease of assembly of different configurations. Particularly suited to camera appliaction and also usfeful for testing components.
  • StrongARM SBC supplier has been found - Keith & Koep. Quoted awaited for 32MB SODIMM, 20MB flash version. Concerns over support.


  • Simple Pinger Tx and two Rx's built using Radiometrix 418MHz licence exempt modules. Tested using parallel port to ping the 'jacket from the lab to adjacent rooms and to the street.
  • PIC programmer and demo board built and tested.


  • 300kHz radio beacon dGPS trialled. Superior coverage to the FocusFM dGPS, however aerial cannot be worn. Suitable for applications requiring accuracy (e.g. the positional camera, recording tourist notes) but definitely not unconciously wearable!
  • Internet dGPS being pursued by David, Henk & Cliff.

LiIon Batteries

Two Sony LiIon camcorder batteries are now in use in the Shopping Jacket and CyberBag.

  • Pros: Weight, 'linear' discharge enables improved battery monitoring.
  • Cons: Bulky, need proprietary charger (cannot be charged in jacket).

Electronic Compass

  • Initial trials disappointing due to drift in sensors (sensor range 1,000 gauss - we are trying to measure earth's field of less than one gauss). Possible solution is to use a magnetic amplifier


Retail Partners David is keen to make early contact with potential retail partners. Cliff will identify local shops with web-sites suitable for Shopping Jacket demonstrations, or those which can easily be mocked up.

R.C.A. Bill is liaising with the Royal Academy of Art to introduce their design students to Wearable Computing - and obtain their input to the project. Meeting next Wednesday with Gillian Crampton-Smith to demo existing jacket and to explore possibilities.

GSM 'Phones Existing 'phones need replacing. David is interested in contacting Orange to acquire sponsored 'phones. In the meantime new 'phones to be bought by Henk/Phil N.

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