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Bristol .11 Meeting 26th July 2001

HPLabs Bristol

Those present: Erik Geelhoed, David May, Henk Muller, Cliff Randell, Phil Stenton, Steve Wright

Apologies: Stewart Long, Ed McDonnell, Huw Oliver

The goal of the meeting was to progress plans to build the Bristol.11 wireless infrastructure. The project was divided into four areas:

Locations for the primary roll out of base stations were selected from a list of potentially available and desirable:

The remaining list of potential sites for future roll out were:

 The Clients

Development of the next generation cyber jackets is progressing:

The components of the jacket are as follows:-


K Bitsy unit (processor I/O ports, Audio etc)

J    GPS receiver

J Stereo Audio out

J 802.11b radio

J    Batteries

J Headphones

K   Audioscapes app

L Packaging

L   Jacket tailoring & integration

Nice to have:

J Connected Jornada

J Accelerometers

J Digital compass

J    USB

J    Serial

J    Ultrasonic location sensing (indoors)

J    Pingers

K    Connected Camera

L GPRS phone

L Affective monitors

The target application areas remain a brain-stormed list of application genres. For the first rev the emphasis will be on the general capability to create audioscapes of located sound. The goal is to demonstrate the capability to local creative media experts to solicit their help in composing professional quality installations around Millennium Sq. Names were suggested and noted (available on request).

Research areas remain those captured by the last meeting notes, which include:


  1. Phil to phone ADS for Linux availability and pricing (done and included in this report)
  2. Erik to arrange meeting with Bristol Light Engineering about packaging (done and happening on Wednesday)
  3. David to discuss progress of plans with @Bristol and Watershed folks and connection of 802.11 base stations to BCTN)

Next steps:

  1. Finish Rev 1 of next generation Cyber jacket
  2. Explore coverage characteristics of primary sites (MVB, @Bristol and Watershed)
  3. Purchase of base stations and 802.11b cards
  4. Install base stations in primary locations
  5. Identify initial pilot users
  6. Get initial users to choose jackets (they will wear this year)
  7. Build first few cyber wear units
  8. Hire a company to do packaging
  9. Find tailor to amend jackets if necessary
  10. Complete Audioscapes demo
  11. Complete network services software (HP)
  12. Make contact with media experts to attend demonstration in Millennium SQR


We agreed that a pilot of one or more services running on the platform would have to be complete by January 2002 to be ready for the students' requirements for project prototyping. The aim is therefore to complete a first rev of the platform by Oct 1st 2001.

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