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Minutes of meeting of Wearables Group 28-11-01

Present: Amoss, Cliff, Constance, David, Henk, Phil

Aerial installation

Explore: David to arrange meeting with Mike Rippon to discuss location of aerials and future plans for 802.11 at explore etc

Watershed: Constance, Phil and Amoss to test out signal around Watershed. Preferably get an aerial set up that will work along the walkway. Temporary tests should be ok. Once we are sure of where we want to put the aerials then Constance will send the info to our contacts in the harbourside planning dept, who will then forward them to the relevant people. Constance signed up for digimap through the university information services, so we can get large-scale map to plan the areas we want to cover.

Phil is prepared to talk to Watershed staff to explain what we are doing.

Henk will order 3 more aerials.  

December 6th Futurelab launch

Decide it would be better to not have a presence at this, but save ourselves for a later and better demo, a specific public event at the end of

February. This could include Wearables people, Equator, 2008, Bristol City Council, University....

January day at labs

The point was made that this is a Bristol Wearables event, not an HP one. Invitees to include students looking for projects, artists and content producers, city council/planning people, 2008 people. Suggested date Jan 30th to allow Liz Milner/Amin Elsaesser?s piece at Labs to be up and running properly as demo for people to experience.

Meet with 2008 european capital of culture bid people

David has already spoken with Andrew Kelly. Suggested we set up a meeting with him to explore possibilities further. Constance to organise meeting with Phil and David. need to do this before end December


Annie Lovejoy/Roger Mills project budget ok. This could be the piece that runs for the end of Feb public event if we start working on it now. Annie will produce wearable and Roger will produce sounds. Constance to arrange meeting between Annie, Roger, Amoss to discuss technical constraints and feasible timescales. Also need to show them a set of kit for wearable.

Other project ideas were at various times thrown around the meeting, such as the idea of being able to throw virtual sounds at people.


Some discussion over the number of jackets available and in-production. Seem to be waiting for several bits of kit to create new jackets.When these bits arrive Henk will make up one set to show artists/wearable producers so that they know what has to be incorporated. Henk to make a jacket production plan to circulate by email

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