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Minutes of Wearables Meeting 16th January 2002

Aerial Installation


Aerial has been fixed to the building. Amoss to go and sort out the network connection, possibly on Friday 18-01.


Signal has been tested. We are still waiting for the aerials that Henk ordered. Re connecting to BCTN. Amoss to contact Neil Davies asap about connecting to the BCTN from Explore and Watershed. David mentioned that BCTN and Uni are both connected to Colossus, which may be useful to us. Also need to find out about possible BCTN link from Arnolfini, and whether it is going ahead now that they are refitting the building. It would be a good vantage point to put an aerial on. The director of Arnolfini has been invited to the Jan 30th event, but other than someone needs to find out what is going on there (Constance to ask Neil Davies?).

January 30th event

The running order is more or less sorted. David to do introductory talk on the University perspective, and closing plenary. There will be parallel session on technical and creative aspects of the network. These will start every half hour but are intended as Q&A sessions rather than lectures. Technical sessions, not sure who is organising, but at one point Henk's name was being bandied about to run something. The three ncreative sessions will introduce three projects: Millenium Square, Slavery Trail, and A New Sense of Place (Morris WIlliams from UWE). It is hoped that these, in conjunction with being able to experience the piece in the atrium, will generate discussion on the potential of 802.11 in Bristol, and identify who would like to be more involved, and the nature of their involvement. Cliff's ultrasonic system is up and running, the artists are working on the audio pools that surround the photos. Cliff and Phil are interested in extending the location sensing system to the rest of the atrium, so Cliff is looking at issues of adjacent systems. Still open for suggestions for people to invite. Constance to contact Neill Campbell re students email lists. Will ask Jan Ward at HP to organise transport between Woodland Road and HP.


Millenium Square

Annie and Roger came up for meeting, talked with Amoss. Next step is to test out the accuracy of the gps and the robustness of the system in situ using Roger's soundfiles. Amoss is working on the software. Annie and Roger met with Mike Rippon to record sounds in Explore, they discussed possibility of setting up a live event at the beginning of May. This would involve using the Imaginarium to show video footage, and have singers/performers using wearables. Lots of ideas, so have asked them to write it up and we can perhaps look for funding sources such as Orange and Nesta.

Slavery trail

Will arrange follow up meeting. There is a lot of interest from content providers, but again we need to identify sources of funding for projects e.g to transfer written material to to audio format. Interested parties should be at the Jan 30th event, and there will be a time slot for presentation and discussion of the potential of the project.


Lots of discussion on time scales of production, number of working sets of kit we could have by end of Feb. etc. Need to ask Henk to order more GPS, and more compasses. Chase up aerials. Look into possibility of a high-up and big aerial like they used at Nottingham. Number of wearables that we have =? Wearables in pipeline: Annie Lovejoy is making one wacky photogenic one, and a black jacket one. The owner of Sharkbite is making a belt bag out of neoprene for David to test when running. Constance is making contact with a designer to see if he will make us something wearable by end of Feb. We also have a few small backpacks that could take kit for trying out with kids.

February/March Big Launch

We are fending off press enquiries (Western Daily Press started it, articles in WDP and Evening Post on 16-01-02) but still want to wait to do a big launch 'to articulate the scope and potential of the technology to a broad audience', which is why we need good wearables and interesting content for impact 'a spectrum of different packaging'. Suggested that we could be a launch for Science Week in Bristol on 8th March, with the piece in Millenium Square. The launch could sow seeds for future events e.g. Annie/Roger's live event in May. Potential for other projects to be showcased through the summer. Perhaps if we identify the themes that we want to show off, such as games, sport, performance, then we could commission projects?

Next meeting 28-01-01 at 11am

Agenda is to update where we are with regard to the projects, especially the hardware/software for Millenium Square, and plans for installing around the Watershed. This will be useful so we can answer questions on the 30th.
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