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Wearables meeting minutes February 6th


BCTN connection

Amoss contacted Neil Davies. So has Henk. Neil will set up a LAN on BCTN, which will allow us access from any point on the network (BBC, HP, Degree2, 4:2:2, UBQT media, films@59, Watershed, Aardman, @tbristol, HUB network services). Initial testing to be done between the uni and degree2, then can use for the watershed and @tbristol aerials


Amoss to connect up base station and will connect to network (see above)


Need to contact them to arrange installation of aerials/network connection


The cases will arrive on monday from Bristol Light Engineering. Chris is working on a problem with the bus Cliff is testing the gps signals Henk is sorting out the networking problem Amoss is ironing out 3D audio


Millennium Square

There will be some kit to give annie next week, even if only an empty box to go with the cable. No final decision yet made about which gps transmitter, Cliff is going to test gps in millennium square so Roger and Annie know the level of precision they can use, and where on the body the gps box has to be located. We are way behind schedule for a March launch but don't want to wait May performance that Annie/Roger are planning. Annie and Roger applying for project funding from FuturePhysical with our support.

Slave Trade Trail

plan to start this with sound trail using watershed aerials. Meeting with council web site people and content authors soon.

A new sense of place

working with Morris Williams (UWE) and Owain Jones (Bristol Uni, geography dept) as well as HP, possibly futurelab involved in some way. Haven't decided where we would like to start this project, possibly an area where there is large expanse of natural playspace available, eg ashton court, school field.

Mobile Bristol Jan 30th:

What next? Didn't really get to discuss this as we were busy thinking about what we can do for Millenium Square audioscape, and by when. Perhaps there is a need for a planning/strategy meeting to discuss Mobile Bristol in terms of who is responsible for what, and what people want to see/do?

Science Week Launch:

Some concern as to whether it will all be pulled together in time for science week, 8th march - 15th march. The university is showcasing research in the Galleries shopping centre on the 15th/16th and wants examples of interesting work (posters and demos) Need to contact Kathy Sykes about this.
David has spoken to the press office about an article for 'nonsuch' (alumni mag) We will decide on a feasible date for a launch at the next meeting (wed 20th Feb at 11 am) and inform the press offices at HP/university asap.
Need to work out who else to coordinate with eg who at @t-Bristol?
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