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Minutes from Wednesday 20th February Meeting

Status Reports:

Nine-ware bus - problems solved, can now handle enough sensors.
Gps accuracy - tests performed, can trace out analemma. Using the brick sized GPS instead of the smaller one
3D audio - hacking in progress, no timescales available at the moment as there are too many unknowns. will be soon
networking - nothing back from Neil Davis as yet, emulated LAN not set up yet or ATM termination installed. Henk to talk to him again and offer him some kit.
Basic kit - Now have a basic kit available, can give a set to Annie when ready

Gps Status:

Cliff and Mike have tested and found good quality positioning in Millenium Square using the brick. Somebody to investigate taking it apart (carefully) to see if we can shrink it.
David is going to check if ST have a chip / chipset that can do GPS or if some software and an aerial is sufficient.
Somebody needs to order more bricks in the meantime.

Production Status:

Chris is doing the soldering that is too difficult for anyone else, the rest has been subcontracted.

Aerials / Network:

Millenium Sq - The base-station still needs to be plugged into the aerial. No need until software is ready. Pele is available to be used as a server if the emulated LAN is not in place.
Watershead - Aerial to be installed there, Constance going to look into planning permission.
Suggestion that the plan to roll-out broadband to PhD students be extended to staff and base-stations supplied as well to create hundreds of POPs (Points of Presence) in residential areas.
Quick discussion of spin-off using C4 money to create 100's of POPs across Bristol.


Agreed that fortnightly wearable meetings for everyone (bar Chris / Ed) are a good idea.
Working patterns changing at the moment so that everyone is in the office at the same time to handle other communiation needs, point raised that anythig agreed 'at-the-time' in the office should be communicated better. Website is undergoing re-organisation to make this more feasible.

Mobile Bristol:

Rough definition of Mobile Bristol as a testbed / vehicle for research / arts projects / services. Broader less technology focused umbrella than Bristol.11 or Strangeways.11. Agreed that a skeleton crew will need to keep control of the infrastructure to ensure it is used as the intended lab. Longer-term project, over the next few months (3,4?)
Phil mentioned setting up an Appliance Institute (28th March?).

Science Week:

Unknown if its a feasible date for a soundscape press launch at this point. Other contingencies discussed (PhD presentations).

Priorities (in-order of importance):

Finishing spatial sound.
Constructing working demo for millenium sq.
Building six jackets for games group.
Creating a stock of 20-30 'standard' off-the-peg jackets for development work.

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