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Minutes of wearables meeting March 6th


Gps accuracy - Cliff has a new gps to test out. Mike has nearly finished the software for linux so will be testing the gps out soon with Cliff in Millennium Square
3D audio - is now working real time. Amoss/Henk are working on audio quality. There is a known problem with linux and the sound chip, but Henk and Amoss are confident.
networking - No response from Neil Davies as yet. Henk will phone him.
Basic wearable kit - Henk will meet with Annie to go through the kit, will use an old brick as it is the same form factor as the one we are currently using.

Aerials / Network:

We are still waiting for Neil Davies to sort out access to the BCTN. Futurelab is a good potential site for an aerial, inside their building, that could cover the back of the Watershed.
Constance has contacted city planning dept re Watershed and possibly Queen Square as sites for aerials. Waiting for response.
Henk is meeting Matt Williams re the plan to have lots of aerials installed around Bristol. He has also met with Rupert and ? re installing around Easton/Barton Hill as part of an on-line learning project that is happening there. They are meeting David to discuss this. Constance is meeting with people at Arnolfini to discuss possible aerial on their roof.


Millenium Square

For now we will do without the spatialisation and network, this will allow Annie and Roger to test out where to place their sounds, and give Cliff some data for his paper. Mike will go there with Annie and Roger while Cliff is in Glasgow.

Sense of Place

currently setting up workshops with group of young people to use the ultrasonic system to set up personal soundscapes at HP. Have made links with futurelab and OS people. Writing an ESRC proposal under the e-society call for proposals (Keri, Owain and Morris, with Cardiff Soc.Sci person).

Slave Trade Trail

interested in using Queen's Square as a location. Have made contact with council ITC person who is working on website for Slave Trail. Meeting with people from the Industrial Museum who have audio recordings of authentic dock sounds.

Priorities : where have we got to?

Finishing spatial sound.
Constructing working demo for millenium sq.
Building six jackets for games group.
Creating a stock of 20-30 'standard' off-the-peg jackets for development work.
There was some discussion on the number of student projects this year, and what they are.
re Amoss' question on the processor that was demonstrated last September, are we getting a sample?
Discussed Equator and Bristol involvement in projects, and possible involvement with Lancs project on Working and Living in the open.

Movies on the move

Discussed (very draft) proposal for Movies on the Move, a potential project to run using 802.11. Constance to arrange meeting at HP with Ana and Phil to discuss further. Phil says that HP can stream movies over 802.11, so could test idea in atrium as suggested in 'phase one'. Cliff suggested a clearer game outline would be useful, and looking at Doom as an outdoor game.


what is the added value of movie in the city?
how does video amplify the experience?
Any further comments to Constance.

Next meetings 20-03-02, 17-04-02, 1-05-02 (all 11-12)

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