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Minutes for meeting April 17th


GPS accuracy:

Cliff is testing the ST receiver. Accuracy is limited to 3 decimal places which produces a 1.8m grid. This is most probably a software limitation and they may change it. They are still fixing the crappy differential performance. Good quality results for non-differential fixes.

3D audio:

'1.5D' is in place and a demo available. There are birds in the trees on Park Row. Bowing to pressure from Cliff, Henk will introduce a train of some sort, but not necessarily up in a tree. That will be the elephant.


Bit of a political holdup. Computer services not happy with multiple routing entry points to network. Can run a proxy on Colossus to get around this. Links are in, need boxes at either end with ATM termination.

Basic kit:

5 jackets to be bought and constructed for the games group. It was suggested we buy another five the same or similar to use for student projects.


No response from council planning dept. on aerials.
Mill Sq aerial is in. Needs ATM connection. ? to contact Mike Rippon at Explore.
The roof is being checked here on Monday for mounting aerial on roof so that it covers roads outside more.


Mill Sq:

Wed 24th pm, take kit down to give Annie/Roger a demo of their sounds in situ. Also invite Jo/Richard to come. We should aim to have something to demonstrate to a wider audience by the end of May, where we can possibly have a variety of wearables to show off our wares. HP have a press thing happening 28/29 May, it would be good to show off to them.


needs to have networking put in. ? to talk to Oliver Humpage to check their end of the network and any possible conflicts?

Sense of Place

We are running workshops with students Mid-May and possibly also mid June, using the location sensing at HP in the atrium.
Mill Sq will be interesting for projects.

These two are priority, Queens Sq can be looked at after these are working. Can point a Pringles tube at the statue to see what coverage we get.

Planning/next few weeks:

Compasses not being made anymore, replacement will be needed. Have about 12.
HP going to build jackets for us with spare components left after games group have finished, using a Mill Sq config. There is a new Industrial Designer started at HP who we can ask to look at creating suitable headphones with compass mounting etc.
So, in total there will be five jackets for student games group, five others for other student projects, and we should also buy a coat each to fit kit into for our own use.
We discussed using logos, and thought that student jackets could have discreet sponsors/university logo. and that all the jackets will incorporate a logo for Mobile Bristol. (Need to ask Colin to create a logo for it).

Any Other Business

The latest issue of Appliance Design is devoted to Wearables, and is available on It features one design by Benji Shine, who we will invite down at some date to see if he could create a wearable for us.
Cliff is also interested in creating what David referred to as Big Boys Jewellery (brilliant working title for the project, could bring in a whole new audience), as a display form of wild wearable. He has a web page for comments here.
There is an Ambient Wood workshop at Sussex on the 6/7/8/May. Henk, Cliff, Constance are going to this.
Any comments or alterations please feel free to add
Next meeting Weds 1st May 11-12
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