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MVB infrastructure

The network infrastructure for the wearables work comprises three parts: All those three networks are bound together to one machine, from where the network is interfaces to the rest of the world via a firewall. On top of that network, various services run to provide DHCP, NFS, etc.


Wired network

The wired network centres around a hub on the shelf in the wearables lab. This hub connects Thor, scampi, and a floor socket that connects to 1.06, 2.08, 3.41. The wired network is just there to easily connect 802.11 access points.


The 802.11 access points are situated in 3.53, 1.06, 2.08, and 3.41. All of them are protected by means of a WEP key.


At present there is one blue-tooth adaptor, in Thor. There will be more Bluetooth adaptors scattered over the building. They will all tunnel their traffic to Thor. When a Bluetooth adaptor is plugged into a machine, a tunnel to Thor is created, and a bridging device that incorporates this tunnel. Any subsequent BNEP interface is bridged to this bridging device. Neither the tunnel, nor the BNEP interface, nor the tunnel have an IP address, preventing direct access to the network. The Bluetooth network is pin protected.

Bluetooth is bridged from /etc/bluetooth/pan/dev-up

USB network

The USB network is designed for the gumstixes. Selected machines (Thor) will have a USB hub in which one can plug gumstixes. Any USB device that appears on those machines will be bridged to the 192.68.106 network. This cannot be the main nbetwork as dhcp will send responses to two dpch clients (usb and bluetooth) over the same network, and it may end up on the wrong interface.


The tunnels are created between machines using vtund. The tunnels are bridged from within /etc/vtnud.conf. Normal tunnels are persistent, but the tunnel from the laptop is not (because it may not be connected from the network). Bluetooth is bridged from


The following services are available on the network by Thor:


A laptop, used as a visualisation vehicle, and can be moved to locally receive a differential GPS signal and blast it out over a local 802.11 network. It also connects to the main network if available.


Switched on by chkconfig --level 345 dhcpd on, the file /etc/dhcpd.conf is used to configure it. Also, edit /etc/sysconfig/dhcpd and set the arguments to eth1.


Switched on in /etc/rc.d/rc.local. Configured in the source code in the Applications directory of the CVS repository.


Switched on by chkconfig --level 345 named on, the file /etc/named.conf is used to configure it, with files in /var/named.
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