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Utilities for file transfer

Two utilities are available to transfer files from and to the bitsy.


Ftp can be started on the bitsy to transfer files to and from the bitsy. You need to be logged on to the bitsy before you can start ftp (note that the bitsy does not run an ftp daemon). You may have to run FTP in passive mode (type passive), otherwise it may not get through the masquerading firewall. Note that any files ftp-ed to the root device are not persistent, and will disappear on boot.


Loadflash is a utility that will load one of two flash partitions over the network. Loadflash -r loads a ramdisk, loadflash -k loads a kernel, loadflash -a loads the whole works. A second parameter specifies optionally which kernel to load. The defaults are 'kernel' and 'root', but you can specify your own ones. For example 'henkskernel' is Henk's latest experimental brew. Note that when using loadflash, the changes will not be visible until reboot, since both the kernel and the root device are running from RAM.
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