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George Square - Initial GPS & Compass Tests

Graphic showing GPS and heading data collected on 16th April (colouring may have been influenced by Ambient Wood workshop!) The test path started at the top RH corner (NW) and moved clockwise round the perimeter of the Square. Access was not available to the center of the Square. At each corner a pinger was activated while the tester turned through 360 degrees pointing with the receiver:-

Green pixels are GPS fixes - note spurious readings around the SE corner. Yellow lines are headings triggered by the pinger (1 Hz).

Equipment used: Garmin GPS25 with ST active antenna sending pings to receiver with built in Vector 2-axis compass connected to Jornada (as used in Mack Room). Standard pinger used for heading collection. Jornada application is Version 6 of pMack featuring GPS to OSGB coordinate conversion using Jeeps, and data sent to server using UDP over GPRS.

The actual log file is available here.

As ever, comments, observations and more thoughts welcome!

cliff 24th April 2003

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