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Equator City Project: Mackintosh Room Test Tour

To be used for evaluating positioning systems, location determining algorithms, and download times.  

This route is an attempted amalgamation of the Gareth Hoskins 'in-depth' tour, Areti's observations and the to-do list simple scenario.

The tour starts at the door. Vee walks to the desk, pauses for 5secs, moves to the Guide on the RH wall, and then the Lighthouse model. Moving around the screen she stops in the centre of the Wall display, then moves on to view the GSA, Hillhouse, Willow Tea Rooms, Derngate and Reputation zones in a zig-zag pattern (see below). She then exits through the door.

She stops for 5secs in each zone. When walking she moves at ~1m/s (3.6km/h). The tour lasts 100secs - handy for percentage evaluations. In reality a visitor would (hopefully) stay longer than 5secs at each exhibit! 

tour.jpg (62391 bytes)
Location (zone) Arrive (secs) Depart (secs)
Door n/a 0
Desk 2 7
Guide 13 18
Lighthouse 23 28
Wall 37 42
GSA 52 57
Hillhouse 60 65
Willow 70 75
Derngate 80 85
Reputation 90 95
Door 100 n/a

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