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Trip Report - Glasgow 17/18/19th July 2001 (page in progress)

Visit by Cliff Randell to The Lighthouse and Glasgow University.


Purpose of Trip:

  • To install and test prototype ultrasonic positioning system in Mack Room.
  • To test communications with UCL from Mack Room.
  • To test Pinger operation in Lighthouse.
  • To collect further data/images for panoramic viewer.

Context: Equator - The City/Mack Project - Previous Trip Report

Key contacts and Acknowledgements: Thanks to Lynn Bennet (Lighthouse), Matthew Chalmers, Ian MacColl, Philip Gray (University) for their time, hospitality and helpful contributions.

lighthss.gif (8802 bytes)

fig 1 - the Lighthouse


This report is divided into three main sections :-


mack_pts.gif (2626 bytes)

(raw data)

mack_pth.gif (3057 bytes)

(raw data)

Appendix I

Images collected for panoramic viewer

cent_htl.jpg (7732 bytes)

stg_tron.jpg (7118 bytes)

coll_bnp.jpg (7657 bytes)

cent_sta.jpg (9655 bytes)

gl_panos.gif (108497 bytes)

cty_cham.jpg (6073 bytes)

ste_macd.jpg (8314 bytes)

st_enoch.jpg (8256 bytes)

pr_sq.jpg (8515 bytes)


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