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Battery Comparisons - June 1999

The graph below shows the discharge curves for the LiIon camcorder battery types NPF750 (Sony); HL530 (equivalent to Sony NPF550); and the Motorola NiMH 5087 currently in use in the CyberJacket.

The NPF750 550mA curve was obtained with a 10 ohm (plus ammeter) load - a lighter load than the CyberJacket, but greater than that presented by the ShoppingJacket/BlazerJet/CyberBag.  

The HL530 250mA and NiMH 200mA curves were both obtained with a 22ohm load.

The HL530 170mA curve was taken with a 32ohm load which gave a near identical power loading to the NiMH curve.

Typical loadings are shown in the table below.


battperf.gif (6375 bytes)

Two NPF750's connected in series were chosen to provide power for the ShoppingJacket/Blazerjet/CyberBag. These provide sufficient battery life to enable meaningful trials to be undertaken in a package which fits neatly into a jacket pocket.

NP-F750 Specification

Maximum Output Voltage : 8.4 V        Mean Output Voltage : 7.2 V        Capacity :     21.6 Wh

Dimensions : 38.4 x 39.8 x 70.8 mm    Mass : 200 g (7.1 oz)

CardPresso Load (with LocoMedia running)

  Eagle Bear
7.7v  (1xLiIon) 1,450mA 784mA
13v  (2xNiMH) 840mA 470mA
15.4v (2xLiIon) 705mA 395mA

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