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The Wardrobe - 19th April 2002

001Original CyberJacketAvailable for new applications
002BlazerJetFitted with image capture rig
003Oxfam BlazerjetFitted with Park Row Birds demo soundscape
004eGiletAvailable for new applications
005HH JacketAwaiting full games specification, then BCS fitout
006Vee's JacketFitted with full location sensing for CITY project
007Original BigglesAvailable for further Snark development
008Scott-eVestSoundscape test platform
009New BigglesAvailable for further Snark development
010Constance's JacketAvailable for new applications
011Annie's Jacket ISecond fitting underway
012Annie's Jacket IISecond fitting underway

plus various CyberBags, the eSleeve, backpacks, standalone Jornada applications etc.

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