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Trigger Manager


The trigger manger is to run as a background task, and is to monitor the users current sensed conext in order to trigger the playing of notes under the correct contexts.  A note will be triggered if it matches the user context in at least one category, and matches the sensed context in a category.  If a note has been suspended, the note will not be triggered, regardless of if it matches the current contexts.


/*Trigger Manager API header file 1.00 - 9/9/98            */
/*Michael McTernan                       */
/*Cyber Jacket Research                                    */
/*---Data structure---*/
struct NoteList {
  char *Data;
  struct NoteList *Next;

PROTOTYPE                                                  */                                                
  struct NoteList *TMGetNoteIDs(int Stream);               /*
  This function will read a list of note ID's from the Trigger
  Manager, which should be connected to Stream, and 
  will return a linked list of all the read note ID's.
  This function will block until data can be read from Stream.
  It is expected that stream has previously been opened with the
  TMOpenConnect function.
  NULL upon error or pointer to the linked list.  The linked list
  will terminate when the pointer to Next is NULL.

PROTOTYPE                                                  */                                                
  int TMOpenConnect();                                     /*
  This function opens a connection to the Trigger Manager.
  -1 if an error occured, otherwise open file descriptor.

PROTOTYPE                                                  */                                                
  void TMCloseConnect();                                    /*
  This function closes a previously opened connection to
  the Trigger Manager.

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