Wearable Computing
Introduction And System Overview

by Stewart Morgan

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In here are all the reports written by the current team of researchers namely Alex, James, Stewart and Tom.

The subject is broken down into various high-level components and then subdivided into individual parts. The menu on the left provides direct access to the high-level subjects.

Since some subjects have not yet been addressed, their respective pages will contain no information - but watch these spaces!

The system as we see it has several higher level functions:
This encapsulates a range of tasks from a simple beep to indicate the hour; to speech synthesis.
This is primarily the output display(s), but also contains information surrounding the touch sensitive overly that we're using as the primary interface for user input.
One of the main features of this project is that it is a mobile system. And what better way to navigate than by Global Positioning Satellites
Mobile Communications
Your car's broken down in the middle of nowhere, there's nobody about. What do you do? You 'ask' the jacket to contact help
This is a buffer area for things that are probably important, but we've not gotten around to thinking up appropriate titles for

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