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Tourist App


The touristist application is designed as a virtual tour guide, giving information on points of interest at relevant contexts. By comparing a database of interesting points with the output of the user's environmental sensors, matches and overlaps can be found signalling that information should be displayed to the user on some form of output device.

Tourist information could be downloaded to the jacket explicitly from Infoposts, mobile phones or via a home computer, and it may be possible that while some people may provide pre-designed tourists routes (Such as the Bristol Heritage Walk), some tourist routes could be created by wearable users who leave contextually tagged 'notes' in an shared information space that may be accessible by other wearables.

Example of Concept

User Context: User is interested in Bristol history (explicatly inputted by the user at a prior date, or determined from the users browing habits or bookmarks). The user also has no appointments for the next three hours (taken from wearable diary)

Sensed Context: From GPS we determine that the user is stood on Brandon Hill. A digital compass tell us the user is facing towards Cabot Tower.

Action: Display information about the Cabot Tower to the user.


Our implementation of the tourist application is very simple. It has a pre-defined number of points taken from the Bristol Heritage Walk programmed into it. A small collection of web pages for each of the tourist points is stored on a web server that runs on the wearable computer. The application creates events for the user being within a certain radius of any of the points of interest.

When an event is fired, the appropriate web page is displayed on the hand-held display in a web browser. A new event is created for when the user leaves the current tour point. When that event fires, an index page is displayed on the browser.

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