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LocoMedia Plan

For details of the LocoMedia System click here. In the meantime here is a slightly out of date block diagram (update!!)

Here are a big list of all the (sub) tasks that I could think of:

Next thing is to make this list even a little bit understandable!

  1. Install mobile speech recognition engine on CyberJacket
    1. Understand interface to engine
    2. Check for successful compilation on Linux platform
    3. Glue engine to some audio input mechanism
  2. Add fixed command set training facility
  3. Add command grammar interpreter
  4. Build LocoMedia Manager Java applet
    1. Decide how to split between wearble, server and browser. jbr
    2. Complete Functionality and UI Design. jbr
    3. Implement
  5. Write location name registry
    1. Locations may be based on different sensor types. Eg GPS and pingers
    2. Add support for logical locations that map onto multiple physical locations.
  6. Write domain name registry
    1. Design and imlpement solution to allow domain names to be shared between different CyberJacket wearers
    2. Support domain matching based on super and sub relationships between domains.
  7. Write LocoMedia object registry
  8. Write location matcher
  9. Write space manager application. To handle out of memory conditions.
  10. Design high level FootBridge protocol
  11. Build Footbridge Manager to handle discovery of peripheral devices and to initiate correct action
  12. Install web server on CyberJacket
  13. Install TCP/IP on CyberJacket - done?
  14. Find IrDA MAC/driver and install on CyberJacket
  15. Acquire IrDA device - PC card product?
  16. Build SitCompServer (Java, C++, Corba, RMI, null place holder)
  17. Make Palm PC software adjustments suitable for wireless handheld display
    1. Acquire two PalmPC devices. jbr
    2. Configure so that internet explorer uses IrDA IO. jbr
    3. Develop WinCE "discovery mini-app" so that web browser is activated as CyberJacket web-server comes into range. jbr?
  18. Rework PalmPC IrDA to accept FootBridge input
  19. Build FootBridge transceivers! pin
  20. Build wireless headset - or buy! pin with tf
  21. Assemble bracelet or build FootBridge into CyberJacket cuff
    1. Buy needle and thread!
    2. Wire FoorBridge back into wearable via serial port
  22. Build second CyberJacket
    1. Examine how second bench set up varies from main CyberJacket
    2. Acquire new parts as needed
    3. Assemble and test
  23. Buy bigger PC flash cards
    1. Decide how much memory we reasonably need. jbr
  24. Build Information Post
    1. Acquire desktop IrDA devices connecting to PC serial port.
    2. Remove LED and replace with FootBridge as for PalmPC device
    3. Design application using high level FootBridge protocol to attempt to transfer pre-programmed LocoMedia objects onto CyberJacket.
    4. Build application, debug and test!
  25. Perform solar cell experiments. tf with pin
  26. Add pingers
    1. Design transmitter/receiver arrangement and wire into FootBridge manager
    2. Build CyberJacket-side pinger
    3. Arrange for fabrication of pinger badges for other places and people.
  27. Write Pinger context driver
  28. Write GPS context driver
  29. Acquire and install differential GPS solution. hm
  30. Add real data in preparation for testing
    1. Construct Pseudo-Official Tourist Guide LocoMedia notes to be downloaded from InfoPost.
    2. Train system with location names. Add logical location examples
    3. Train system with domain names. Add super- and sub- realtionships between registered domains
  31. Test for robustness
  32. Test for correct functionality
  33. Prepare for demonstration

That's enough for now. Jim


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