Top-tasks for LocoMedia

These are the top tasks that we must tackle prior to students arriving on July 6th. I have divided them into A, B and C categories and have split them between Henk, Jim, PhilN and Marianne.

[comments in brackets reflect status as of 2/7/98]


A. [In progress] Acquire 2 differential GPS systems
A. [in progress] Acquire upgrades for Flash memory and processor to support LocoMedia system. I appreciate that we have not yet agreed on the requirements entirely - I think we should look at price and power consumption amd then make a guess! Is this ok Henk? Ill try and look at this as well if I get a chance!
A. Acquire materials to give us two identical CyberJackets, where second CyberJacket is below spec.
A. [In progress] Acquire PC card reader for PCs
C. [in progress] Persuade system admin to get us a web server based in Bristol. Persuade them to install free FrontPage Server extensions from Microsoft to allow us HP folks an easy life!


A. [done] Jim to find if he can spend any ERP funds/crosscharge or whether Henk is officially the only Mr MoneyBags now. Especially now that Jim's department is broke!
A. Acquire two Palmtop PCs (It might be easier for Henk to do final purchase, but Jim to do as much of the leg work as possible apart from this)
A. Acquire two IrDA ports for PCs to mock up InfoPost
A. [done] Order 5 333MHz XU PCs for students.
B. [In progress] Search for compatible IrDA for Linux, ideally that will allow working both at 115kbps AND at higher speeds up to 500kbps.
B. [Done] Look into IR headsets.
B. [Unclear] Check status of PalmPC web browser. Will it allow CGI script execution (yes)? Java (no, I think)?
B. [Done - yes] Do we need TCP/IP on Linux side?
B. Propose solution for implementing SitCompServer.
C. [Done - yes: mobile channels] Look into push-protocol for web pages onto handheld display - aka 'channels'? Does WinCE support it?
C. [Done - sorry, no role] Role of Java, if any, for Summer work?
C. Who were our original PC104 suppliers - what are they offering now?


A. Acquire solar panels
A. [Deferred to Tom in due course] Fabricate pingers for jackets and locations
B. [Done with Jim] Plan solar panel project


B. [Done] Check over speech UI and develop LocoMedia Project, initially in conjunction with Jim.
B. [Done] Acquire two suitable microphones for initial activities.

Odds and sods student tasks

Obviously not for before July 6th when students start, but here are a few important but grungy tasks not on the main plan but still important:

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