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Project Meeting November 4th, 1997

10 am in David's office

Present: david, jim, phil, paul, henk and briefly, adam


Henk has bribed Alex to install the "Where is the CyberJacket?" web page and finally link it to this web, but still needs to buy the PCMCIA card for the PC.

Jim has contacted Peter Flach (Alex's supervisor) and received a project description for Alex's project.

The team discussed accomodation options now that the chemistry building is becoming increasingly uninhabitable. There is a 180 square metre space for hire in the smart Merchant Venturers building. this could house some 15 people and may be suitable for all the HP-related work going on at the University. David to look into this one. Cost is £30,000 pa - but this could be sorted many ways eg by using ERP overhead funds.

Jim has supplied Bristol Uni with two more Epson motherboards.

Phil has met Adam Staniaszek and suggested that he work on gesture recognition, starting from the pen sensor built at HPLB.

David has talked to Joe McGeehan (head of Bristol EE) and has been put in touch with Andy Nix as a possible radio expert. Dave Milford is also a possible contact in the EE department.

There has been a small response to the RA posting in the web group. David to arrange for the advert to be posted in the 'Times hire' in order to get more applicants.

Action Summary

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