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Project Meeting November 18th, 1997

10 am in David's office

Present: David, Henk, Paul, Phil, Jim, Alex


Alex described the documentation system used for the Summer work. Each source file has a corresponding text file. There is also a overview text file. Alex will ensure that all this code is moved from Bits to Tempest. When Rob (Computer Support Staff) returns then the code will be moved onto the main server where it will be backed up.

Henk arranged for SitCompServer meeting between Jim, James and himself for after this meeting. Jim went away happy that this project was on course and that we all shared the right perspective of what was needed.

Phil Neaves handed over some material on accelerometers for Adam.

David May mentioned that Dr Wang Langwang (9288739) is in the Physics department and is a good person for display consultancy - he keeps up to date on various display technologies.

Jim has completed the first draft of the Strategy document. Comments please!

Received a CV from Ian Grimstead for the RA post. He dropped in for a chat at the end of this meeting. In the meantime we are going ahead with posting an advert to cover the 3RA posts emerging after the various HP ERPs. Jim and Phil decided not to pursue option of sending flyers to other universities in order to advertise the RA vacancy

Jim is proceeding with ordering a single PC, having decided that we dont need all four right now - but could at least do with a better web server!

Action Summary

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