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Project Meeting February 17th, 1998

10 am in David's office

Present: DavidM, Henk, Jim, DaveC

We started discussing the specification for the CyberJacket based around an architecture diagram drawn up by Henk from a meeting earlier in the week. This architecture is to be written up by Henk sometime next week!

After an initial run-through of the architecture, discussion oscillated between Situated Computing Server design and how to attack the task of specifying the whole CyberJacket. The Situated Computing Server design issue is vaguely technical and so it is covered separately here.

Tackling the task of specifying the CyberJacket. We agreed that we need to strike a balance between being over general and never completing the design (let alone the implementation) of the CyberJacket and being over restricitive and ending up with an inextensible situated application. This point surfaced after discussing whether we could specify the system with respect to a Pizza Sniffer application. We need to "cut back the problem until its soluble", but we dont just want a PizzaSniffer application. Unless we limit the scope of the CyberJacket and its specification then we are liable to slide back into trying to specify the general wearable computer.

In any case, we need to document our design decisions, since we must pass it on to students joining the project and since the specification will be far to large to hold in our collective memories. I propose that the best approach is to design the platform using specific application(s) (eg the Pizza Sniffer) and then write it up both in an application neutral manner and then illustrate the design by describing how it would work in the case of our chosen applications.

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