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Project Meeting April 21st, 1998

10 am in David's office

Present: David, Henk, Dave Clifton, Jim BR, PhilN.


For various reasons this was our first meeting for six weeks! Progress report: two papers submitted to ISWC '98. Jim and Phil submitted a paper on the handheld walk-up wireless display work. DavidM and Henk submitted a paper on "channels" (like pipes but better!).

The main thrust of this meeting was discussing possible projects for students working over the Summer. Inevitably this turned into a broader discussion of things we wanted to work on. We agreed that staff members of this group should focus on getting a reliable wearable platform, while students should focus on other matters. We also agreed that the Pizza Sniffer application was a good focus for the Summer Period.

Jim circulated the programme for the Glasgow HCI for Mobile Computing Workshop. There appeared to be some interesting papers being presented. We agreed to attend - people from both HP and Bristol University.

Other points of discussion: building our own differential GPS for the Pizza Sniffer, making some form of public transport application depending on whether BadgerLine have GPS in their busses.

Action Summary

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