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Project Meeting: 1st September 1998

At: 9:30am, MVB Lab

Present: henk, jim, alistair, ed, james, mike


Ed. Finished bool tree expression evaluator for note server. Tested and working. Still working on reaminder of the Note Server.

Alistair. Completed some library functions to help out the various manager components. Upgraded existing code to use these functions. Got new version of speech engine working fine now. Interference problem was solved by setting mixer to suppress 'CD in'. Remaining engine difficulties were down to 'end pointing' (no longer need to do our own end-pointing for speech fragments - the engine does it automatically) and different confidence ranges in the engine output.

Mike. Policy server is completed! And function call API has been developed. Yet to be tested. Designed to withstand policy loss in the event of system failure. Devised Local/Remote scheme for deciding what services to export over the FootBridge Manager and which not. Wrote function-call based API for the domain server.

James. Completed Nino-side code for the comms stack and display functions. Completed design of full duplex comms stack. Solved MIME bug - this was to do with Pine doing base 64 encdoing incorrectly.

Phil. Planning to devote this whole week to FootBridge. So far he has built the FootBridge transmitter and is now working on the receiver. Unfortunately he was unable to make use of the boards prepared by the department's technician (Mathias).

Tom: Tom has now left the team to pursue his studies. In his last week he made a few revisions to the Pinger Transmitter in the light of Phil's comments. These worked fine. He also started work on getting together the parts for the second CyberJacket.

Henk/Jim. We have enough money to fund two week extensions to the ten week Summer Programme. This should allow us to do more system integration, debugging and demonstration set-up.

By Next Week:

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