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Project Meeting: 15th September 1998

At: 9:30am, MVB 3.35

Present: Ed, Mike, James, Jim, Henk


Problems with FootBridge (postponed), audio recording quality on the CyberJacket and some system integration teething problems have prevented us from reaching our system integration demo objectives. The FootBridge delay is the most difficult to address, we will just have to live with it. The system integration problems (bug fixing) needs to tackled by the students. Henk and Jim can take the lead  improving audio capture quality.


  • Working with Ed on the notes and domain servers.
  • Map application is running faster now, but final rendering on the Nino is still slow. Try changing compilation options or using memory write and bitblt aproach for rendering.
  • The speech recognition component has a tendency to recognise most commands as 'shutdown'?! Is the recogniser working on phrase length?
  • Still having problems with recording quality. Line in, in conjunction with an external pre-amp for teh sound card seems best at present.
  • Followed up on connectors for the GPS receiver - have a US supplier, but can we do better?

Ed. Working on note and domain servers alongside Mike. There are a list of bugs to work on at present.

James. Fighting with sockets and a 'downloading' dialogue box.

Alistair. Tried to solve the audio recording problem. Finalised the audio software and render manager.

Phil. FootBridge needs more work to improve the transmitter signal modulation (shaping). Unfortunately Phil is tied up with other deadlines, so the best we can hope for is a simplex link by end Wednesday (even this didnt happen in the end). Final FootBridge integration is likely to be delayed until after September 28th.

By Next Week:

  • Jim to try for SMB connector at RS.
  • Jim to look out for a smaller pre-amp for use with the sound card
  • Henk to look into improving the quality coming from the current sound card - and to search for digital mics.
  • Jim to try and look into battery and charger situation. What battery should we get for teh second CJ and can we get a charger for it?
  • Jim look into getting another Nino connector for FootBridge.
  • Phil deliver simplex FootBridge.
  • James. Last week! Get the Nino comms and display software finished and debugged. Work with Mike as necessary.
  • Ed. Last week! Get the note server debugged! The suspension manager and deletion manager also need to be written, but there is unlikely to be time for these.
  • Mike. Work across the board to try and achieve the different system integration demos.
  • Mike. Phone GPS people to discover whether we can add components to one of the receivers to improve time to first fix.

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