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Project Meeting: 26th November 1998

At: 9:30am, MVB 3.35

Present: Henk, Cliff, Mike, Jim   

This was a planning meeting. So instead fo writing up meeting minutes Ive made a planning document.

Short Term Actions

  • Get wearable directory on Tao, by way of getting a back up solution for Tempest. [hm/cr]
  • Contact HP Labs CNS to find out if they can build NT onto one of the Uni's Kayaks. [jbr]
  • Get next version of speech engine onto Tempest. [jbr]
  • Fix Render manager so that it doesnt hang around while TTS is operating. [mcm]
  • Mike to get Cliff going on the GPS issues. [mcm]
  • Mike to show Henk where the problems in the noteserver are. [mcm/hm]
  • Jim to show henk the audio files for HP UX and Linux so that we can find out how to port LM to HPUX - or can we make Audio a jacket only function?? [jbr]

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